We can help you obtain any required aircraft ferry permits, customs import/export documentation, TSA Waivers (aircraft certified over 95,000 lbs are required to have a ''TSA Waiver'' in order fly in US airspace).

FALCON COMMERCIAL AVIATION will provide your organization with the service abd support it be the need od flight crews, Licensed Engineers, Spares, any component or skill level discipline, our staff of highly trained professional is prepared to provide you with what you need when you need it.

FALCON COMMERCIAL AVIATION can provide the support with a very competitive rate structure that is designed to fit existing bidgetary constraints.

  • CAA & FAA Licensed Professionals
  • A.O.G (Aircraft On Ground) service for all component Orders
  • Complete staff of design Engineers to incorporate Modifications
  • ROTABLE COMPONENT - Sales / Exchanges / Lease
  • MAJOR COMPONENTS- Engines /Landing Gear / APU Exchange Lease / Sales
  • STORE ROOM ASSESSMENT & MANAGEMENT including set-up, recommended purchase, and managing LRU utilization
  • COMPUTER PROGRAM for Aircraft Records, Historical Data, Spares Management, Calibration Control Program, SB & A.D Tracking, Time Control, Inspection Control, all from a PC based program.