FALCON COMMERICAL AVIATION, Inc. can take care of all logistics required for delivery of your aircraft. We will provide as much or as little of the services that you require or request for your flight operation.

Some companies may only require a flight crew and transportation while other companies may require a complete package of services.

Our all inclusive package of services includes:

  • Flight Crew, Transportation, Lodging
  • Fuel at low price contract rates
  • Flight Planning
  • Technical Support
  • Landing and Overflight Clearances
  • Ground Handling and Fees
  • Navigation and Comm Fees

All inclusive pricing allows you to get a fixed price prior to aircraft departure. We are one of the few companies to have accounts set up for direct billing of navigation fees. We provide these fees to you up front thus saving your company an unexpected invoice several months down the road. Many ferry companies like to omit these charges on quotes to indicate a lower cost although the fees should be considered when looking at the total cost of a ferry project or when comparing quotations.