Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System ( EGPWS )

Relation of the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) to the existing air-traffic control system. TCAS interrogations elicit replies from transponders of nearby aircraft, enabling TCAS to show the pilot their relative position on a traffic display, and when appropriate, to issue a resolution advisory. Here, TCAS instructs the pilot to descend to avoid a threat aircraft 300 ft above.

Falcon, USA, Inc,Aircraft parts, tooling, ground support, sales & leasing, EGPWS, TCAS, Proximity, Miami, FloridaOur CAS100 TCAS System is a family of airborne equipment that provides collision avoidance protection and airspace situational awareness. We have developed exceptional technologies such as increased surveillance range options, superior bearing accuracy, improved reliability and an advanced communication datalink, while ensuring the system meets the full range of ACAS II and Mode S regulatory requirements. The heart of the system is the next generation TPA-100A introduced in 2004. The TPA-100A design incorporates the latest in processing technology to meet the ever increasing demands for improved surveillance, including traffic computer functions and the capability to support CDTI. Active target detection and tracking is extended to 80 to 100 nmi and beyond 100 nmi when ADS-B passive information is available.