Avonice Upgrades

Our navigation modifications allow you to meet regulatory requirements for operating in reduced airspace, flying at optimum altitudes, and performing approaches with more precision. Among other modifications, we deliver:

  • Modified Flight Management Systems – ensuring superior navigation performance throughout the flight profile
  • Upgraded Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capability – saving fuel, reducing approach minimums, and minimizing weather-related delays
  • Electronic flight bag modifications that lead to paperless cockpits
  • Flat-panel PFD/ND/MFD upgrades for classic cockpits
  • Modification of ACAS, EGPWS/TAWS and Head-Up Guidance Systems

To help you support your flight deck voice and data links more reliably, we also provide a comprehensive family of communications kits. Just an example of what our modifications facilitate:

  • Flight Management System-hosted AOC data link – allowing for two-way communication of flight plans, wind data and more
  • More precise flight following, as well as voice communications for passenger services – achieved through upgraded SATCOM and installations kits
  • In-flight entertainment options and wireless cabins

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About Us

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